Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Foxflame is a red-ish ginger tom with light blue eyes.
Personality: Foxflame is stubborn and annoying. He hates any battle, unless he started it. Foxflame refuses to have an apprentice because they're so hard to teach. He constantly breaks the Warrior Code and is very unleader-like. Some members of Nightclan question his loyalty which is leading him to become a rogue because he thinks he thinks that the life is easier than Clan life, but he is going to wait at least until his kits are born to leave so he can take one of them with him.
History: His mother and father are part of the Clan. He instantly fell in love with Emeraldfire right when he met her. He is unleader-like but is a great warrior anyway.
Family: Mate: Emeraldfire


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