Flickerkit (RPED by GJHUSKY)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: A mottled tom with a dark grey pelt stained by silver flecks that seem to reflect light well, creating an almost flickering effect in low light. He has an oddly torn ear of unknown origins.
Personality: A primarily cheerful, caring kit who likes giving out jokes and puns, no matter how lame they may be, Flickerkit can be easily irritated, and often resorts to violence, whether consciously or not, most likely due to past events during his early kithood. Despite his apparent friendliness, though, some cats whisper of how he may possess a 'torn heart' as he is often seen by himself and alone muttering to himself, especially when he is frustrated or sad. He is more or less loyal to his Clan, probably influenced by the amount of care he received in the past few moons he spent with NightClan.
History: His history before being found on the Nightclan border by a patrol being almost completely unknown, few others know about his lineage — that is, that his parents were, and possibly still are, part of a violent group of rogues. Flickerkit had been an unwanted kit, and left to die before he was taken into Nightclan, and cared for.
Family: Unknown
Mother: Unknown


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