Flare (RPED by Tornshine)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Bright orange she-cat with round amber eyes.
Personality: Flare is often a cheerful and ,curios kit.Flare has a tendency to go out and wonder the forest when Gale is not home ,AND often gets her and her sister in serious problems.Flare is mostly happy,sweet and very very inquisitive, but when angered watch out because this 3 moon old kit becomes a super dangerous warrior. Flare is named for her color and her strange love of fire.(much to gale's dismay)
History: Flare was born in her parent's second litter soon upon her birth her parents where killed in a fire and Gale her older sister was forced to raise her alone.She and her sister live near the Pine Copse.
Family: Unnamed parents(DEAD)


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