Firestone (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Black and ginger tom with green eyes.
Personality: Firestone is a fiery, sharp-tounged, adventurous tom. He's energetic and impatient, though very friendly and popular. Most of his friends he doesn't really hang out with, he only really hangs out with the ones who can stand his temper. He's rebellious, and underneath his hard shell, you find a great friend. Firestone is very loyal to NightClan.
History: Firestone was the first-born of four. His mother was outside of the territory by mistake, hoping no cat would find her. It was near a twoleg-fire(*cough*campfire*cough), and the twolegs all left. The fire quickly spread, and was getting closer. By this time, his mother was already giving birth, and could barely move. By the time all four were born, their mother was barely strong enough to drag them to safety, though she herself didn't get there. The kits eventually found NightClan.
Family: Brothers are Owlmask and Birchpelt, sister is Mistybird.
Apprentices: None

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