Firepetal (RPED by Demigod Izzy)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Firepetal is a red she-cat with one black ear and deep green eyes.
Personality: She is very kind, caring and gentle, and always thinks before she acts. When cats talk about her family, she will ignore them and acts like she can't hear them. She says "My Clan matters more then I do, I will fight for them until the day I die."
History: She and Heatgaze were found laying beside a dead cat who looked like the NightClan queen, Leafbreeze. Wildice, Leafbreeze's mate says they are his kits. Wildice's body was found dead nine moons later.
Family: She has one brother - Heatgaze. Some think she is Clan born, some do not.
Apprentices: Rainpaw




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