Firebloom (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Orange she-cat with amber eyes. She also has white swirls dancing through her pelt and white rings surrounding her tail, giving her a touch of "magic".
Personality: Sweet and caring, almost never gets angry. If she faces an opponent, she always tries to negotiate her way out instead of fighting. But if it comes to a battle, she's ready, though her fighting skills are terrible. She loves hunting more, but definitely loves kits. She plans to have kits one day if she can find a perfect tom.
History: She used to be known as "Fire" a rogue in the forest. One day, when she was just frolicking around playfully, she was assaulted by a group of rogues known as DeathClan. NightClan saved her, and she was grateful for that, so she decided to join NightClan.
Family: Her mother and her father were both rogues, but she didn't know them, because they died early on in her life.
Apprentices: Pinepaw


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