Finch (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Finch is a light and graceful black tipped silver cat with ocean blue eyes. His pelt is usually well-groomed, but he doesn't obsess over it. He has a long, slender tail, and he is very light on his paws.
Personality: Finch is a traitorous cat, always being with the cat that has the most power. He hides behind others, and is always gone before he can be blamed for his actions. Finch is swift, and a great fighter, graceful in his movements. He could be considered handsome, but settling down with a mate is the opposite of the life he wants to have. Finch wants to enjoy the action of the fight, but never face the consquences. He's a smart cat, knowing when to stay and when to run, and he is a great planner. He's cocky, often insulting Clan cats. He's taken a dislike to them, no matter how powerful they are, he hates how they treat all outsiders like dirt, and want them to see how that feels.
History: Finch was born and raised a rogue, taught to fight and hunt by his parents, Lilac and Chillan. His siblings never liked the life of a rogue, and quickly all left to become kittypets. This left Finch with a growing ego that he was the strongest, and he began to get into fights with any cats. But he went back to his nest one day and his parents were gone, and he realized he had no one to protect him. Finch, still a reasonably young cat, made the biggest mistake of his life when he looked for protection yet again. He fought with Star. Star was defeated, and Finch left unscathed. He is still looking for protection, and wants to join Banjo.
Family: Parents: Lilac and Chillan(deceased) Siblings: Haylee, Redlo, and Smoky(kittypets)


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