Rank: Kit
Appearance: Dark gray tom with darker spots and stripes and green eyes. You almost cant see his gray pelt because of all his dapples on his pelt.
Personality: Fernkit is very playful. The most playful cat you could ever meet. He is also very timid and shy but he trys to pick fights with everyone even though he knows he isn't going to win. Fernkit is also very ambitous and isn't afraid to get into the middle of a battle, even if he is thoroughly out-numbered.
History: Fernkit was born of Emeraldfire and Foxflame and since then he has always got his playfulness and his battle-starting from his father. He almost broke his leg at two moons old, but luckily Emeraldfire caught him at just the right time. Over-all his life has been pretty normal since he was bore into NightClan. his siblings died before he opened his eyes.
Family: Emeraldfire(mother), Foxflame(father), Shadowkit, eclipsekit, Sparrowkit(deceased siblings)


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