Emeraldfire (RPED by Emeraldfire8)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Striking jet-black she-cat with beautiful green eyes, white paws, and unusually sharp claws.
Personality: Emeraldfire is fierce, kind and strong. She isn't afraid to challenge the warrior code. Emeraldfire is a bit strict at times, but she loves kits and hopes to start her own family one day. She is kind if you get to know her, and she is a loyal warrior at heart. She hates water, and she loves to hunt at night like the other warriors. She is one of the best hunters in the clan.
History: Emeraldfire was born to Dovefrost and Tigerfur. She had to watch her parents get killed at an early age and since then she has always wanted parents. Her mother named her Emeraldfire because of her beautiful green eyes. Her hunting skills are so good, she once brought down a plump blackbird from six feet in the air.
Family: Mother: Dovefrost (deceased), Father: Tigerfur (deceased), Sister: Echobreeze
Apprentices: None


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