Emberkit (RPED by Emeraldfire8)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Emberkit is an adorable, lithe brown and black tom w / soon-to-be green eyes.
Personality: Emberkit is bright, playful, lazy, nice, and leader-like. He isn't afraid to back down, even if its something really scary. He loves to play, but he also likes leader stuff, and knows a lot of complicated stuff. Emberkit loves playing around fire(he says it reminds him of Sundapple).
History: Emberkit was a rogue named Ember, and when he was born, his father told his mother that she couldn't keep him. His mother disagreed, and his father ended up killing her. He had no choice but to run away, and this led him to get caught by Stormstar, and Ember was as scared as ever. Stormstar took him in, and named him Emberkit. His adopted mother is Sundapple.
Family: Nymph(mother, deceased), Falcon(father, roaming around somewhere), Sundapple(adopted mother)
Mother: Sundapple


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