Gold Medal

This cat participated in the leaf-bare Quest.
NightClan is extremely grateful for their effort.

Eclipsesky (RPED by Avalanchestrike)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: She is a very small, but lovely silver-and-white tabby she-cat with icy ocean-colored blue-green eyes. She has a white crescent-shaped patch on forehead.
Personality: Eclipsesky is quiet, very intelligent, and reserved. She is somewhat temperamental and can sometimes be snappish if annoyed. She is calm in any situation and is willing to help anyone if needed. However, she is very independent and doesn't like to accept help from anyone. She is a excellent fighter, but decent hunter.
History: She's half-MistClan and half-NightClan.
Family: Her brothers are Weatherheart and Stoneclaw. Her mother is Skyfire and her father is Winterfreeze (both dead).
Apprentices: N/A




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