Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Gray she-cat with a white under-belly and stripes and brown eyes.
Personality: Echobreeze is the opposite of her sister, Emeraldfire. Echobreeze is very nice and soft and never really hostile unless you get on her bad side. She admires Kitkat, who isn't really fond of her.
History: Echobreeze is a normal she-cat from NightClan but she is usually very kind and soft and is the perfect Queen. She is adored by her father but do not get on her bad side. That would be ugly. She got her name from her very Soft mew and her soft paws. She likes to use her brilliant blue eyes instead of her scent of smell to track down prey. She really has a crush on Okami(who isn't RPed yet), but he is a Rogue.
Family: Dovefrost(mother, deceased), Tigerfur(father), Emeraldfire, Lunardapple, Pricklefur(siblings)


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