Dustypaw (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Dustypaw is a semi-long-furred brown ticked tabby - her undercoat is wooly and fluffy, but her uppercoat is water-proof and glossy. She has large, circular, yellow eyes, and a thick, bushy tail. She's strongly built, and large than most cats her age, but not due to fat, it's because she is naturally large.
Personality: Dustypaw used to be a cheerful, outgoing, and all-around nice cat, but when Stormpaw, a former apprentice, came into her life, she became dedicated to him. She was lovestruck, and love blinded her. Dustypaw, determined to stay with him, became a rogue with him. He tried to make her attack the Clan, and Dustypaw, heartbroken, declined. She rejoined the Clan, but is now a seclosed and anti-social cat. She's now distrusting, and rarely talks, and just carries out her duties in silence. Dustypaw's ashamed, and regrets rejoining the Clan, as believes she won't be accepted by anyone. If you try hard enough, and you'll have to try very hard, Dustypaw might open her shell. But she'll always still be afraid of trusting cats, after her mistake.
History: Dustykit was the happiest kit you'd ever meet. After being scolded, 'Okay! I'll take a nap now!' her parents were slightly confused. She was never unhappy, and so enthusiastic about becoming an apprentice. After she met Stormpaw, she was lovestruck by his timid and kind nature. But he began to develop a hatred for NightClan. He wished to become a rogue, and did. But Dustypaw, now Dusty, confessed her love to him and followed him. As she became a rogue, or loner in her eyes, the young apprentice was forced to grow up much too fast. She even went as far to adopt two kits, Caleb and Bird, who were abandoned and gave poor Dustypaw jolts of guilt. Stormpaw, now Shadow, tried to get her to attack the Clan. She declined, and Shadow never succeeded. They went back to the Clan, where Dustypaw's only comfort was Stormpaw. But he too abandoned her for another she-cat, leaving Dustypaw heartbroken and alone.
Family: Her sisters are Meadowpaw, Dawnpaw, and her brother is Rushsong. Her ex-mate is Stormheart. Her parents, Featherdrift and Elmwhisker both died via badger on a hunting patrol.
Mentor: Hazelsong


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