Duskheart (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: An extremely handsome dusk black tom with sapphire blue eyes, along with soft fur and cuddly paws.
Personality: Curious, friendly, protective, competitive, kind, flirty.
History: Duskpaw was abandoned by his parents, leaving him as a kit unsheltered and unclean. He was later found by Moonheart, being cared for and raised like a son. He later became an apprentice, with Moonheart as his mentor. He is now safe and happy in NightClan. He'd normally flirt with every single she-cat apprentices. Growing up, he eventually became a Warrior known as Duskheart. Since Moonheart mysteriously disappeared, he has been feeling lost, just wanting to be with Runningpaw alone.
Family: Moonheart (foster father)
Apprentices: Runningpaw


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