Dipper (RPED by Tornshine)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Light brown tabby tom with a red nose, a white underbelly and amber/brown eyes.
Personality: He is a clever, curious, and an inventive tom. Dipper's scrupulous attention to detail comes in handy when he is off hunting or exploring the world, but sometimes his over-zealousness leaves others questioning his credibility. He also seems to get very irritated when other cats think of him cute or adorable, as he wants to project a more mature appearance to those that he first meets. He is not, however, above acting like Mabel under some circumstances. Dipper can be selfish at times, but ultimately, he does the right thing. He is shown to be quite protective of his sister, and will always help her whenever she's in trouble.
History: He and his sister Mabel was forced out of their former home by their parents, and found NightClan, where they started their apprenticeship. However, instead of accepting a new apprentice name, they chose to keep their original ones
Family: Sister: Mabel
Mentor: Splashheart


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