Dewdrop (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Beige she-cat with a black ring around her right eye, white paws and ears, a black tipped tail and dark brown stripes and spots covering her whole body. She has bright, piercing basil green eyes with teal lining the pupil and flecks of crocodile green. Slender body built for speed. Scars on her left cheek.
Personality: Calm and cheerful. Really likes socializing with her Clanmates, though doesn't like crowds. Her favourite place to be is next to the Stream with a friend with her paws in the water in the shade of a tree. Open, doesn't mind her Clanmates knowing her sexuality. Bright and intelligent. Finds loners intriguing and will often visit the Alley to find some. Often opens her mouth to say something, but weird, strained sounds come out instead due to her being mute. Dewdrop is mute and homosexual.
History: Was found at the edge of the Herb Patch unconscious as a rogue attacked her. She was probably knocked out from hitting her head on a rock. The rogue also left deep cuts on her left cheek. She doesn't remember anything from her time before waking up in the medicine cat den, but she was estimated to be around 7 moons old. Her now Clanmates decided that with her having no memory, she could hold no loyalty to anyone who might have been part of her past, so Stormstar made her an apprentice. Named "Dewpaw" because where she was found was the only part of the Herb Patch that still had dew covering the plants at that time of the day. The speed in which she picked up hunting and fighting suggested that she had had some kind of training beforehand. 5 moons into her training, she had her first crush. It was on an apprentice called Sparrowpaw, a white and brown siamese she-cat. She was shocked that she had feelings for another she-cat, but shrugged it them off, deciding she couldn't have a crush on a she-cat. The day before their warrior ceremony, Sparrowpaw saved her life when she fell into the Stream, and it she confirmed her feelings about the she-cat. She decided she would tell her after their warrior ceremony. The morning on the day of the ceremony, Sparrowpaw said she was going hunting and she'd be back by sunhigh when the ceremony was being held. She never returned. Stormstar sent out search parties, but they never found anything. Dewpaw tried to get Stormstar to continue the searches weeks after the disappearance, and Stormstar cautiously asked if she had "liked" Sparrowpaw. Dewpaw nodded. The knowledge that she was homosexual slowly became known after her warrior ceremony, being named Dewdrop. Moons later, Sparrowpaw's sister told Dewdrop that Sparrowpaw had told her she was leaving the day before she left, she then told Dewdrop she was leaving to be with her sister. Dewdrop wanted to follow her as she left, but decided the Clan needed her more.
Family: Unknown
Apprentices: N/A

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