Birchshade (RPED by Gingerstripe)

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior
Appearance: A swirled white and black tabby with brown eyes.
Personality: He is handsome and flirty, and not afraid to shed blood. He drags his claws out for no reason, and is extremely dark.
History: He was born into the clan with his mother, Stormyblaze and his father, Clawpaw. He died, just two nights before his planned warrior ceremony. His mother, Stormyblaze, was distraught, as she was due his kits.She moved into the nursery, and after a hard kitting, birthed Birchkit and his sisters, Copperkit and Hazelkit. Copperkit died, and as Birchkit survived, he felt the one to blame. After his warrior ceremony, Birchshade frantically killed a fellow Clanmate in cold blood. He was exiled after evidence was found. His mother, Stormyblaze kiled his other sister, Hazelfur, when she criticized him. Hazelfur's lover killed Stormyblaze in a fury, and Birchshade, Stormyblaze and Clawpaw all live in the Dark Forest.
Family: Stormyblaze (mother) Clawpaw (father) Copperkit, Hazelfur (sisters)
Death: Died of too much blood loss in a battle with rogues.

Blackfur (RPED by Loudclaw)

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior
Appearance: Black tom with amber eyes
Personality: Evil, ambitious... and uses propaganda to form groups against NightClan.
History: Clanborn, but he commited unmentionable crimes within his lifetime, causing him to be forced out of the StarClan path and right into the path of the Dark Forest.
Family: N/A
Death: Killed by Stormstar

Brokensoul (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior
Appearance: Dark orange she-cat with light red spots and marble green eyes.
Personality: She is sadistic and mentally insane. With mood swings, and urges to kill. However, despite her may mental illnesses, she is very intelligent and tactful, allowing her to be a successful killer.
History: When Spottedfire was born,Brokensoul was born with her. Trapped in Spottedfire's mind,she began to mess with it,tempting Spottedfire to the dark side. When Spottedfire mated with BRVR,she met his alternate personality,Dyingspirit. When Spottedfire took a desperate trip to the Star Pool,and was cleansed by Star Clan,resulting in her death,Brokensoul became her own entity,not just some parasite. She soon became enemies with Loudclaw and NightClan in general. Soon,she had killed a large population of NightClan with Dyingspirit,and was beginning to set her sights on Stormstar. After killing Cloudeye by the stream,Loudclaw discovered her,and they had a fight,resulting in both of their deaths. When her soul went to The Fork in the Afterlife,she attempted to enter StarClan,but was forcefully pushed into the Dark Forest. There she met Blackfur, and began plotting with him.
Family: None
Death: Killed by Loudclaw


Clawpaw (RPED by Gingerstripe)

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior
Appearance: A brown swirled tabby with dark blue eyes.
Personality: Mean and cruel, he is a powerful, broad-shouldered power-hungry tom with a immense love for Stormyblaze.
History: Clanborn, and he fell in love with Stormyblaze. He died and lived in the Dark Forest, and is now a resident of the Dark Forest with his mate and son.
Family: Son: Birchshade; Mate:Stormyblaze; Daughters: Copperkit, Hazelfur



Rank: Deputy of DeathClan; deceased. Currently in The Dark Forest.
Appearance: A handsome, muscular tom with gleaming brown fur and bronze eyes.
Personality: A handsome, muscular tom with gleaming fur and bronze eyes.
History: Dustfur is the deputy of DeathClan and Star's mate.
Family: Star (Mate)
Pandora (Daughter)
Lizardkit (Son)




Rank: Former leader of DeathClan; Rogue; Dark Forest cat
Appearance: A ginger, fire-coated she-cat with bright yellow eyes.
Personality: Mysterious, timid, hot-headed.
History: Star was abandoned by her parents when she was only six moons old. She struggled to find food, but learnt the ways to live. Having the power to see the future, she knows she will survive. Her 'mystery father' is actually thought to be Tigerstar.
Family: Tigerstar (Father)
Unknown mother
Dustfur (Mate)
Pandora (Daughter)
Lizardkit (Son)


Stormyblaze (RPED by Gingerstripe)

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior
Appearance: A silver she-cat with scars and a charred ear, with the same eyes as Birchshade-brown.
Personality: Sneaky and sly, Stormyblaze is a thiefy style with a iron paw and stingy tounge.
History: She was clanborn,and when she met Clawpaw, she fell in love. He died, and Stormyblaze was due his kits. She birthed Birchshade, Copperkit and Hazelkit. Copperkit died, and after Birchshade's warrior ceremony, he killed a warrior in cold blood and was exiled. Stormyblaze, who adored her dark son, killed her daughter Hazelfur. Hazelfur's lover mudered her, and she now is a resident of Dark Forest with Clawpaw and her son.
Family: Birchshade(son) Clawpaw(mate) Copperkit, Hazelfur (daughters).
Death: Murdered.

Wolf (RPED by Potatoes1076)

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior
Appearance: Huge, dark grey tabby she-cat with amber eyes, sharp claws and canine-like teeth.
Personality: She is cold and heartless, evidenced by her enjoyment of killing cats. She is also sly and cruel and never backs down from a fight. She doesn't believe in loyalty or rules. Her mate told her about StarClan and the Dark Forest, and that is why she is now in the Dark Forest.
History: When Wolf was a kit, her father beat her to near death daily, every time she recovered, he would beat her again. He would also yell at her, calling her weak and useless. Her mother tried to stop him, but he killed her after she attacked him. He continued to beat Wolf, and deprived her of food, until she grew cold and heartless. She would attack cats, and steals kits and prey. During the battle Between DeathClan and NightClan, she continued fighting, even after Star was dead, until she was killed by Moonheart. She now resides in the Dark Forest.
Family: Mate: Gingerclaw
Death: Killed by Moonheart


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