Death the Cat (RPED by Spottedstar)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Black tom with three white lines on his face,yellow eyes,and a symmetrically patterned coat.
Personality: He is casually referred to as Cat by his friends. Cat suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, (OCD) which is manifested as an obsession over symmetry, otherwise known as asymmetriphobia. Objects and surroundings that are symmetrical can distract him from warrior duties, and will usually start to break down and have fits if he notices asymmetrical objects around him. His favourite number is 8, not only for its symmetry, but for the fact it divides out evenly. As a result of his OCD, Cat can be very hard on himself if the asymmetry of the stripes in his fur are pointed out by someone, calling himself "useless asymmetrical garbage". He is usually very mature and precise in his ways. Cat is naturally calm and collected, and as such is perfectly fine with other people making their own decisions when it comes to symmetry or otherwise, even if he disagrees with their choices. However, there are times when his obsession with symmetry can greatly affect his usually calm personality and cause him to break down into childish fits. He doesn't appear to have any problem socialising and genuinely cares for his friends.
History: He was born to a rogue who called himself Lord Death. Lord Death was an unusually nice/respected rogue,teaching the younger rogues how to fight with a partner. As the son of Lord Death,his name was Death the Cat,to signify his status. When he joined the clan,he decided to keep his name.
Family: Father: 'Lord Death'
Apprentices: N/A



Death the cat as a kitten

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