Dawnpaw (RPED by Flamestar22)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Dawnpaw is a sleek, slender tabby tom with slim, dappled orange patches on his pelt. He has amber eyes, and lighter streaks on his tail.
Personality: Dawnpaw is a calm, eager to learn, keen, tom. He is loyal to his Clan at all costs and will do whatever it takes to protect the ones he loves. He is a great hunter, and trains fairly well. Although he is soon fit to become a warrior, he hates to see blood-shed.
History: Dawnpaw was born to Berrysplash and Hawkcry. Berrysplash was a medicine cat, and breaking the warrior code, of course. She mated with Hawkcry when she was 41 moons old. As a med. cat, she begged to have kits, and so she did. After mating with Hawkcry, she gave birth to two healthy, strong kits. There names were Ivykit, Dawnkit and Firekit. Ivykit was sassy, and the oldest, but not the most powerful. Ivykit would always like to put herself above others, but it still loyal. Firekit was the strongest, and loved and urged to becoming a warrior. He begged to become a warrior, and soon did, reciving the name, Fireclaw. Moons later, Fireclaw died to a SunClan cat named Otterstrike. Dawnkit was devistated, as well as Ivykit. Moons before Fireclaw's death, Ivykit took the rank of warrior and was called Ivysplash. After that, Dawnpaw became an apprentice an still today, is training with a mentor.
Family: Mother - Berrysplash; Father - Hawkcry; Brother - Fireclaw; Sister - Ivysplash

Garfield II by thatchemicalromance

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