Rank: Warrior
Appearance: White she-cat with glowing ice-blue eyes
Personality: She is cool and levelheaded, and in battle she will fight as far as she needs to. She is very loyal to her Clan, however she does what she feels is right... even if that means breaking the Warrior Code. She is calm, and very kind.
History: Coldpelt started out as a loner, born in an ice storm. She was the only kit in the litter, but she was strong... as shown by how she survived the winter miraculously, and unexplained. She grew to be five moons, and split up from her family. At around seven moons, she encountered a NightClan patrol... and was invited to join. She accepted, and learned how to hunt and fight. She grew to be a fine hunter, and a fine warrior, as well. It was only during her apprenticeship that she learned about her Cryokinesis, the power to manipulate and control Ice. However, as the moves she performs with the ice gets more complex, more powerful... the cooldown for that particular ability goes up, the longest being a full moon.
Family: Mate: Blazestrike


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