Coldflower (RPED by Bluestar&Brightheart)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Light gray she-cat with gray dapples on her tail and head
Personality: Very snappish and rude. Does care about others, but in all honestly, hates almost everyone. She has almost no friends, but she does try to have someone she can rely on when the moment gets rough. Coldflower is a fighter, and has kiled others before. She is not shy, and tends to be brutal, not just in actions, but words too. She has a terrible fear of drowning, after her mother forced her to swim at high river, nearly killing her.
History: When she was little, her parents treated her terribly, and she grew up isolated. When she was an apprentice, her mother pushed her too hard, and Coldflower killed her, desperate for escape. Her father later died after a supposed rouge attack, but what was really an ambush set by his own daughter. Her brother was sickly, and never made it to be a warrior, while her sister died in a rockfall right after their warrior ceremony.
Family: Mudthorn (father, desceased, residence unknown.) Russetwhisker (mother, desceased, residence unknown.) Frogpaw (brother, desceased, verified StarClan member) and Sorrelshadow (sister, desceased verified StarClan member)
Apprentices: Unknown


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