Rank: Warrior
Appearance: White tabby with gray stripes and a short bushy tail. He is a large hairy tom with a torn ear and multiple battle scratches. His gray eyes are always cold and very distant.
Personality: He has a big imagination, but Cloudstorm is still very smart, witty, clever, and quite brainy. Anybody who tries to get in his way doesn't face blood in their eyes, but a prank that they won't forget. Cloudstorm is very distant, sly, and clever, and not much of a people person. He only shows affection towards his sisters and his mate, Rainpool, who he thinks is the only one who understands him. He is a complex person that may seem very cold but actually has insecurities.
History: See Moonflight
Family: See Moonflight. He and his mate have 2 kits, Mudkit and Grasskit.


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