Cloudmist (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Elder
Appearance: Cloudmist is a snowy-furred tom with a silver stripe on his forehead. His front leg is broken and the paw twisted, so he walks with a strange limp. He has short fur, a long tail, and small ears.
Personality: Cloudmist is a bold tom, willing to do anything for his friends. He is also full of pride for himself and his daughter Snowstep, which can seem like arrogance until you truly get to know him. He's a great friend, never losing trust in a friend. He still has plenty of fight in him and always accepts a challenge. He isn't as great a fighter as he used to be before the rogue's attack, but he's taught himself a few skills to help. He is very protective of Snowstep.
History: Cloudmist was born half-kittypet half-rogue. His mother, the rogue who wanted the kit to herself, killed the kittypet father and vanished into the forest. Later, he was found by NightClan hiding under a bush sleeping, so the Clan cats took him in. They named him Cloudkit for his fluffy white pelt and he was cared for by a Clan queen named Amberpool. When he became a warrior, Cloudmist fell in love with a she-cat named Darksong. Moons later he confessed to her, and she said that she loved him back. The two had three kits: Hailkit and Echokit, the two sons, and Snowkit, the only daughter. When Hailkit and Echokit died, Darksong thought that the litter was cursed and left, leaving Cloudmist to care for a two-moon old kit by himself. He did his best to father the kit, and later mentor her. When a rogue attacked him, it also wedged his paw to where it twisted, and threw him into a tree, hard, and broke his leg. He was found bleeding in the forest and taken back for hasty treatment. He was told that he couldn't be a warrior anymore due to his injury, and, to his dismay, was moved to the elders' den.
Family: Unknown kittypet (father, deceased); unknown rogue (mother, deceased); Darksong (mate, status unknown); Hailkit and Echokit (sons, deceased); Snowstep (daughter, alive)

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