Clearnight (RPED by Haleetisler)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Larger than average she-cat. Clearnight is dark grey with small white splotches on her legs, back, and chest. She has grey blue eyes and a crooked mouth. She has semi-long hair. She cannot run very fast, but is very strong for a she-cat.
Personality: Clearnight is more socially awkward, growing up with a slightly abusive mother. She is, however, very smart. She has a hard time making good friends and tries not to let her feelings show. She appears to not feel anything, but is extremely sensitive.
History: Finchflight, her mother, suffered from depression due to the loss of her mother. She took it out on Clearnight sometimes when she was a kit, always apologizing later. Her father tried to interfere, but thought he couldn't do anything.
Family: none
Apprentices: none

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