Clawface (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: He is a large, long-furred tawny tom with a long, sweeping plume of a tail. He has amber eyes. Scars line the right side his face, and his right ear is mangled. He also has a couple of nicks in his left ear.
Personality: Clawface is always serious. He doesn't have a sense of humor, and doesn't understand sarcasm. He is somewhat ambitious, but wouldn't try to kill anyone to get what he wants. He's a loyal warrior, but some cats are intimidated by him and avoid him due to his appearance. He can hold grudges for a long time, and doesn't forget anyone who angered him. To his mate, he is caring and will do anything to protect them.
History: Clawface started out as Tawnykit. A moon before his apprentice ceremony, he was attacked by a badger. Fortunately for him, a patrol was near and drove the badger away. Once his mother saw the wounds on his face, she changed his name and left the Clan, ashamed of her son. Tawnykit - now Clawkit - was fostered by another queen for a moon until he became an apprentice. Right before his warrior ceremony, his mother came back to camp and asked Clawpaw to come with her. He refused and drove her out of camp, much to her dismay. Clawpaw was named Clawface soon after.
Family: Rogue parents, most likely dead.
Apprentices: N/A


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