Chervilpaw (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Chervilpaw is an ash-grey tabby with short fur, a slender build, and one white forepaw. He has very faded tabby stripes running up his back and flanks. His eyes are a pale green. He resembles his mother, Ivystripe. Chervilpaw is agender, and his pronouns are he/him.
Personality: Chervilpaw is shy and quiet, and likes peaceful places more than crowded ones. He dislikes loud and obnoxious cats, and for this reason also hates kits. He is squeamish and always avoid battles, and even hunting sickens him. His father insisted he becomes a warrior anyway. He doesn't like others calling him a tom, even if those are what is pronouns refer to. He's often found wandering around with his friend Snakepaw.
History: Chervilpaw was born to Pebbleheart and Ivystripe. Shortly after Chervilkit's birth, Ivystripe died in a skirmish with rogues. After seeing the wounds on the other warriors (and his mother's dead body), he became extremely squeamish and easily frightened by blood and the thought of fighting. Even hunting became a challenge for him, something that their mentor is trying to fix. Chervilpaw misses his mother, but doesn't like seeming weak (even though he is).
Family: His father is Pebbleheart (deceased) and his mother is Ivystripe (deceased).
Mentor: (tba)


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