Checkers (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: White she-cat with bright, violet eyes and black paws, black patches around her eyes, black striped tail and black streaks down her back. Quite sleek, yet fluffy paws and fluffy tail. Average sized.
Personality: Very fast, not too good at forest and open field hunting, loves to fish and is quite good at it. Hangs out around the Stream and nearby places. Friendly, and doesn't like fighting or arguments. She will only join a fight if she believes it is the right thing to and thinks it is necessary.
History: Was originally a kittypet (hence the strange name) and has no memory of her mother, father or siblings. Though she is still quite young, it seems to her that she was with her housefolk for a lifetime as she grew up and matured there. On an actually quite sunny day, her housefolk moved out. Leaving her with lots of cuddles they left her behind, giving her to their friend. She had no idea why she was being kept in a new house and ran away. Grief-stricken and confused, she ended up by a stream and remembered watching another cat in her neighbourhood fishing in the park lake. She soon taught herself how to do it and mastered the craft. Forced to move on because of a fox, she wandered into NightClan territory and was terrified of the clan cats. She soon realised though, that it was not all bad. She built a den near the Stream and avoided the clan cats as much as possible. Nowadays, she visits all the places in the territory and talks to the clan cats when they pass by, though she would never go in the camp.
Family: Unknown


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