Ivyflower (RPED by EnderCursty)

Rank: Queen
Appearance: Light grey pelt with white on her tail and paws. she got a grey mask over her face, and her eyes are sea-blue.
Personality: Always very kind to her kit. Independant but kind of weak. Ivyflower is a optimist. When she was a kit, everyone thought she'll die of Greencough, but she survived.
History: Clanborn. Ivyflower had a kit with a loner, and pretends her best friend Jayfeather is the father. When she was 4 moon she got Greencough, and close to death (but survived.), although she got really weak after that.
Family: Unknown
Kits: Dawnkit


Mosswing (RPED by Rainsplash987)

Rank: Queen
Appearance: She is a smooth-furred nut brown she-cat with large, clear mossy green eyes.
Personality: Mosswing is gentle, kind, and a good listener, but she can be a fierce fighter when needed. She loves kits, and hopes to have her own someday. Until then, she likes to visit the nursery often. Her best friend is Shimmerbreeze.
History: She is clanborn.
Family: Unknown
Kits: Bluepaw, Swiftpaw, Emberkit, and Hollykit


Mouseheart (RPED by SpencerFanGirl123)

Rank: Queen
Appearance: Mouseheart is a medium sized she-cat whose fur is mostly grey, but she has a few small white patches around her nose and on her cheeks. Her eyes are light green.
Personality: Mouseheart is very gentle, motherly, sensitive, and protective. She especially loves kits, and will often act as a guardian to them. Many of the kits in the clan will visit her and ask her to tell them a story, which she gladly does.
History: Mouseheart was a former Kittypet who stumbled into NightClan and was accepted by StormStar, the leader. Later, she adopted Cloverkit, after his parents were tragically killed. Although she is a friend to all kits, she herself has never had any kits of her own.
Family: Her foster kit, Cloverkit.
Kits: Foster - Cloverkit

Rainheart (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Queen
Appearance: Rainheart is a brown tabby she-cat with a white chest, muzzle, and paws with a white heart on her chest and electric blue eyes.
Personality: She is very caring and was naturally born to lead. She is ambitious but in a good way. She keeps her promises no matter what and will gladly die for her loved ones. She is very loyal and would never hurt a clanmate. She is shy at first but after she is comfortable, will gladly open up. Rainheart wants a mate and kits but wants to have some warrior time before having kits. She's close to Fishleap and Reedwhiser because they joined NightClan only a moon apart.
History: She came to NightClan as a loner named Rain. She had crossed paths with NightClan before, and decided to join when she learned more about them.
Family: Her mate is Fishleap.
Kits: Her three kits are Driftkit, Flowkit, and Patchkit.


Skymist (RPED by Rainsplash987)

Rank: Queen
Appearance: Skymist is a pale silver she-cat with golden eyes.
Personality: Skymist is sweet gentle and quiet. She enjoys caring for kits and watching them grow, but doesn't like them going to battle; she hated fighting and pain. She can be sensitive and a bit weak but her heart is the the right place and she truly loves her Clan.
History: Unknown
Family: Her mate is Ashflight, and she had two kits; Splashpaw and Cloudyfeather.
Kits: Foster kit: Turtlekit


Splashpelt (RPED by Hawkmask121)

Rank: Queen
Appearance: Splashpelt is a slender, lithe, tortoiseshell she-cat with bright blue eyes.
Personality: She is gentle, caring and sympathetic. She cares for kits, no matter whose, and is extremely loyal.
History: History: She was found by the Clan at one moon.
Family: Her mate is Birchwhisker. She has unknown parents.
Kits: Pebblekit, Sunnykit, and Finchkit.


Summerbreeze (RPED by Cinderstarz)

Rank: Queen
Appearance: A rose-cream furred she-cat. (pregnant)
Personality: Summerbreeze is sweet, motherly, and loving. She enjoys being around kits, and is expecting some of her own. She doesn't like fighting or unsheathing her claws, so she has decided to stay in the nursery, even after her kits are apprenticed. But that doesn't mean that she won't defend the nursery when the time comes. Summerbreeze can be extremely fierce if trouble reaches the kits. She cares for all the kits as if they were her own.
History: Summerbreeze is a clanborn cat. She didn't know her parents for very long because they died when she was very young. As an apprentice, she was very shy, but also a good hunter and fighter. When she learned that she was going to have kits, she spoke to Stormstar about staying in the nursery permanently. The warrior life was not for her.
Family: Mother and Father: deceased, Mate: Wrenfeather
Kits: none yet, close to kitting

Sunfire (RPED by Tallstar007)

Rank: Queen
Appearance: Golden she-cat with an orange spot on her muzzle
Personality: Cool, calm and would not rush into the face of danger without a reason, has very good fighting skills
History: She was found on a riverbank heavily pregnant.
Family: N/A
Kits: Beekit, Grasskit, Shinekit, Speckledkit



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