Brookwhisper (RPED by Rainsplash987)

Rank: Medicine Cat
Appearance: Brookwhisper is a slender brown-and-white tortie she-cat, blue eyes, small paws, long, slender tail.
Personality: Brookwhisper is very sweet and gentle when needed, but can be a real chatterbox. She loves being a medicine cat, even though her mother would rather her be a warrior. Brookwhisper is pretty popular among the apprentices because of her bouncy personality, but even the best of her friends can get annoyed when she gets too chatty. Which is a lot.
History: Brookwhisper was born outside of NightClan to two loners. She never knew her father, but her mother now lives in NightClan with her. Brookwghisper didn't really have a hard time adjusting to Clan life, as she was brought to the Clan as a tiny kit. As a kit, she always admired Beechfur and how she helped cats, and wanted to be as helpful as she was.
Family: Loners.
Apprentices: (current apprentices:)Splashwing, Sandfeather


Splashwing (RPED by Jetfeather, Spottedstar02 and IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Appearance:Splashwing is a pale silver she-cat with black paws and golden eyes.
Personality: She is kind, caring, shy, sweet, true to her Clan, but very fierce on the inside and loves to hunt.
History: Clanborn
Family: Her mother is Skymist, and her father is Ashflight. Her sister is Cloudyfeather.
Apprentices: Brookwhisper


Sandfeather (RPED by Jetfeather)

Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Appearance: Pale brownish ginger tom with untidy stripes and bright blue eyes.
Personality: Sandfeather is friendly, eccentric, and rather respectful at times, but he can sometimes be a little snappy and easily gets annoyed. He can be a little lazy, and maybe even reluctant to do his work, but he goes and helps all the cats that need help anyways. Sandfeather can be quite lonely at times, but he never shows it because he's afraid cats will come and start pity him, something that he doesn't like. He can doubt himself at a medicine cat sometimes, but due to his fierce believe that StarClan had chosen him to follow the path of a medicine cat, he keeps on going.
History: Was apprenticed to Brookwhisper at 6 moons.
Family: Mother: Redflower
Apprentices: None


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