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Applekit (RPED by Tanglefrost)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Applekit is a red and dark brown she-cat with white paws and bright blue eyes.
Personality: Applekit is fun, energetic and playful all the time. She is mostly happy but is very sensitive to sad events, such as the death of a relative or Clanmate. Applekit is very socially orientated and likes to pester other kits and older cats for conversations. She also displays many tomboyish traits and likes to get in on the action of the rougher games. Unfortunately she has no sense of danger, and is constantly wandering out of camp, poking her nose in dangerous areas or sending herself and others to the Medicine Den when playfighting gets a bit rough. Deep down though, she is a sweet kit, and means no harm to anyone or anything, to the point where she sometimes tells others off for killing prey.
History: Applekit was Clanborn
Family: Applekit has no clue who her father is, as he died when she was very young.
Mother: N/A


Asphodelkit (RPED by Shadowed Crystal)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Sandy ginger tom with a light underside and green eyes.
Personality: At first glance, he is noted to be obnoxious, pushy, cynic, close-minded, bullheaded, and selfish, usually chasing after she-cats just for his own entertainment. However, although childish and immature, Asphodelkit is protective of his family, although he dislikes things not going his way. He tries to be perfect, but he's insecure of his own flaws and doubts himself for it. He has no faith in others, and is quite bossy. He is also very witty, brave, and surprisingly, one of the smartest cats in the litter. Close to his only remaining mother, he is willing to find whoever killed his father, and avenge his death. With some trust issues with his family, Cats of NightClan/Kits hides his self-loathing and insecurity beneath his mask of stubborn confidence and will. Cats of NightClan/Kits usually likes to flirt with she-cats, but he'll check out a tom every once in a while. He tends to not believe in StarClan, and think that there's only evil out there in the world. He is terrified of heights.
History: Clan-born
Family: Siblings: Mistkit, Blazekit, Squirrelkit, Sandkit and Ravenkit
Mother: Yellowshade


Bearkit (RPED by FloatingMilkXD)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Handsome brown tabby tom with bright blue eyes
Personality: He is funny, sweet, and cares for everybody like they were all his family.
History: Clanborn
Family: Unknown
Mother: N/A


Blazekit (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Ginger tom with a lightly sandy colored underside and blue eyes.
Personality: Growing up without a father severely impacted her personality. She became over-protective of her family, and began to hate ANYTHING that was not related to her. Sweet and kind around her family, evil and clever around everything else.
History: Clanborn
Family: Siblings: Ashphodelkit, Mistkit, Squirrelkit, Sandkit and Ravenkit
Mother: Yellowshade


Bonekit (RPED by Berrywing)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: A white cat with black ears(Not Blackstar). Thick fur. He has yellow eyes(Still not Blackstar) and sharp claws.
Personality: Loyal(As a kit can be) and is protective. He loves his sister, Silverkit. He can get annoyed and sometimes very grumpy. Since he is not an apprentice he can't fight or hunt well, but he can climb.
History: He and his sister, Silverkit are the kits of Graystorm and Snowheart. Snowheart died in battle and made Graystorm in grief. Bonekit and Silverkit also griefed for their mother.
Family: Mother: Snowheart; Father: Graystorm
Mother: Snowheart


Brightkit (RPED by Mistybrook)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: : A calico she-kit with bright blue eyes, a small pink nose, soft fur, short stubby whiskers, and sharp teeth and claws.
Personality: She is curious of what is around her, and about the clans. She is very sweetkit and loves to smile.
History: She was found alone with her brother, Caleb, she was then taken with Shadow and Dusty, and is now in Nightlan.
Family: Caleb~ Brother Dusty~ Foster Mother Shadow~Foster Father


Cloverkit (RPED by SpencerFanGirl123)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Cloverkit is light brown kit with white patches on his back and tan patches on his face. His eyes are turquoise.
Personality: Cloverkit is a very ambitious young kit. He loves adventure, believes that dreams come true, and is always eager to maske new friends.
History: Cloverkit's parents were tragically killed just days after he was born. He was found in a leave patch, all by himself, nearly starved. Thankfully, he was brought to Mouseheart, who nursed him back to health, and took him in as her own. Since he was too young to remember his deceased parents, his unaware that he is adopted.
Family: His unknown deceased parents; his foster mother, Mouseheart.
Mother: Foster - Mouseheart


Creamkit (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Cream colored she-cat with ice blue eyes.
Personality: Funny, sweet and kind.
History: Clanborn.
Family: Mother:Dappleforce, Father:Duststripe, Brother:Robinkit
Mother: Dappleforce


Darkkit (RPED by GJHUSKY)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: A dark tabby, strongly built (for a kit), black paws, blue-grey eyes like Goldenkit.
Personality: A playful tom, with a strange sense of humor, always keen on hunting and elder's stories
History: Clanborn
Family: His father is Shadowpelt, his mother is Firesong, and his littermate is Goldenkit.
Mother: Firesong


Driftkit (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Driftkit is a grey tabby tom with amber eyes.
Personality: He's like his father, Fishleap, and can be outgoing. He very shy; but warms up quickly. He and his brother are daredevils.
History: Clanborn.
Family: His brother is Flowkit, and his sister is Patchkit. Driftkit's father is Fishleap, and his mother is Rainheart.
Mother: Rainheart.


Emberkit (RPED by Emeraldfire8)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Emberkit is an adorable, lithe brown and black tom w / soon-to-be green eyes.
Personality: Emberkit is bright, playful, lazy, nice, and leader-like. He isn't afraid to back down, even if its something really scary. He loves to play, but he also likes leader stuff, and knows a lot of complicated stuff. Emberkit loves playing around fire(he says it reminds him of Sundapple).
History: Emberkit was a rogue named Ember, and when he was born, his father told his mother that she couldn't keep him. His mother disagreed, and his father ended up killing her. He had no choice but to run away, and this led him to get caught by Stormstar, and Ember was as scared as ever. Stormstar took him in, and named him Emberkit. His adopted mother is Sundapple.
Family: Nymph(mother, deceased), Falcon(father, roaming around somewhere), Sundapple(adopted mother)
Mother: Sundapple


Fawnkit (RPED by CloudedDream)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Fawn-coloured tabby she-kit with a white underbelly and emerald green eyes.
Personality: Fawnkit is shy, quiet and secretive. But deep down inside her, she has determination and courage yet to be discovered. She often feels worried or concerned about minor things, and panics when something goes wrong.
History: Former kittypet who became a rogue at four moons of age. Wanted to join NightClan for moons but too shy to ask.
Family: Unknown (most likely kittypets)
Mother: Unknown


Featherkit (RPED by Rainsplash987)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Featherkit is a short-legged she-kit with baby blue eyes (which later turn brown). Her fur is a fluffy, snow-colored white, streaked with gray around her collar.
Personality: Quiet and quite spacy at times, Featherkit is often lost in her own imagination. She's prone to getting lost, and often has random conversations about nothing in particular, which slightly scares other cats. Doesn't make friends easily, as others view her as eccentric. Despite this, she is secretly very sensitive, and is hurt by rude things said about her.
History: Clanborn
Family: Mother: Dawnbird
Father: Moonheart
Brothers: Jaykit and Birchkit
Aunt: Berrypaw
Mother: Dawnbird


Firekit (RPED by EnderCursty)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: She has orange eyes the colour of fire, and an open-flame-coloured pelt
Personality: She is one to risk to cheer one's down spirit. She likes to sing songs which cheers up a cat with a bad day. She likes to play with her brothers and sisters.
History: Clanborn
Family: Her father turned to a different Clan.


Flickerkit (RPED by GJHUSKY)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: A mottled tom with a dark grey pelt stained by silver flecks that seem to reflect light well, creating an almost flickering effect in low light. He has an oddly torn ear of unknown origins.
Personality: A primarily cheerful, caring kit who likes giving out jokes and puns, no matter how lame they may be, Flickerkit can be easily irritated, and often resorts to violence, whether consciously or not, most likely due to past events during his early kithood. Despite his apparent friendliness, though, some cats whisper of how he may possess a 'torn heart' as he is often seen by himself and alone muttering to himself, especially when he is frustrated or sad. He is more or less loyal to his Clan, probably influenced by the amount of care he received in the past few moons he spent with NightClan.
History: His history before being found on the Nightclan border by a patrol being almost completely unknown, few others know about his lineage — that is, that his parents were, and possibly still are, part of a violent group of rogues. Flickerkit had been an unwanted kit, and left to die before he was taken into Nightclan, and cared for.
Family: Unknown
Mother: Unknown


Flowkit (RPED by Ash622)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: He is a blue tom who looks like the flow of the river. Has green eyes.
Personality: Is proud but outgoing. He is protective but kind of shy. He loves the water.
History: Clanborn
Family: Fishleap is his father, and his siblings are Patchkit and Driftkit.
Mother: Rainheart


Flykit (RPED by Garintina the Devil)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Black tom with grey flecks and amber eyes
Personality: Fun and silly but can be annoying at times
History: Clanborn
Family: Siblings: Thymekit, Solkit and Streamkit
Mother: Winxclaw (deceased)


Foxkit (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Foxkit is a beautiful sleek ginger she-cat with bat-like ears and evergreen jungle eyes. Her whiskers are long and nicely in order, including a furry coat that everyone would love to cuddle in. From far distances, many cats mistake her for a fox, with queens saying her face resembles one.
Personality: Foxkit can very timid, also bashful and shy. She prefers to be on her own, but she is only okay if she is around cats she is close to. Very lazy, Foxkit would rather stay in the camp than go hunt or fight. She loves food too.
History: Foxkit was originally a kittypet, being born to Cloudy. However, their Twoleg owners were evil and would hurt the cats, which is why the she-cat is very timid. Cloudy soon died and Foxkit was just left with her big sister Runningpaw, who was known simply as 'Kitty' back then, with the young kit called 'Tiny'. Running away, her sister took her with her and they stumbled into NightClan far in the forest. They were accepted in eventually after countless of cats laughed because they were kittypets. They have a long lost sister, Gabby, who is currently a loner. Given the name Foxkit, she is now happy and safe in the clan.
Family: Runningpaw (sister), Gabby (sister), Cloudy (mother; deceased)
Mother: Cloudy


Goldenkit (RPED by GJHUSKY)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: A blanched orange tabby with with unusual black tips on her ear, blue-grey eyes.
Personality: An excitable she-kit that loves to play with mossballs. She also likes to play fight (like most kits).
History: Clanborn
Family: Her father is Shadowpelt, her mother is Firesong, and her littermate is Darkkit.
Mother: Firesong


Laughkit (RPED by Wafflez44)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: He is calico with white.
Personality: He is sarcastic and witty.
History: He was born laugh-crying, and goes around making others fume.
Family: His father is Ashflight, and his older sisters are Cloudyfeather and Splashpaw.
Mother: Skymist


Lightkit (RPED by Rhi-Yalo)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: A white kit with yellow eyes.
Personality: Brave, stealthy, quick, and full of passion.
History: Unknown
Family: Parents; deceased
Mother: Unknown


Lionkit (RPED by Cynderheart)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Lion-colored she-cat with amber eyes
Personality: Just like her sister Tigerkit, kind and sweet but loyal to her clan and a little bit to caring to cats from other clans that also gets her in trouble sometimes.
History: Half-Clan cat, Daughter of Goldentail from Silverclan and a Nightclan Warrior.
Family: Tigerkit-(Sister), Goldentail-(Father, Silverclan warrior)
Mother: {{{8}}}


Lizardkit (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: A handsome tom with chocolate-like brown fur resembling much like a lizard, also with black spots, along with sapphire blue eyes.
Personality: Kind, helpful, caring, smart, ferocious, quick, happy.
History: His mother is Star, an evil cat who was formerly a threat to NightClan. He stood aside from the evil side and ran away in an attempt to join NightClan. Lizardkit was accepted in, now safe and being cared by the queens.
Family: Star (mother)
Dustfur (father)
Pandora (sister)
Mother: Star (deceased)


Lunakit (RPED by EnderCursty)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Blackish pelt with a little moon shaped tabby on her forehead, she was born with it.
Personality: She is really *tsundere. Very clever, and really good at hunting & fighting.
History: Use to be a Kittypet, Luna is the name owner gave her. Her owner abandoned her, and moved to another city.
Family: N/A
Mother: Unknown


Maplekit (RPED by AzureAzulCrash)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Small tortoiseshell she-kit with emerald green eyes.
Personality: Her personality varies between being nice and funny and a bit weird to a tad mean at times, but she is usually the former.
History: Clanborn.
Family: Milkkit,Flashkit,Skykit,Russetkit~ Littermates Shockwave~ Father
Mother: Cherryfur


Mercykit (RPED by .Cinderflight)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Gray she-cat with black spots
History: Clanborn. Named for a friend of her mother's who showed mercy when she was being hunted.
Family: Silverflame (mother)
Mother: Silverflame

Minnowkit (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: silver-blue she-cat with beautiful blue eyes.
Personality: She is shy and meek, very kind and warm and is afraid of most cats and things she doesn't know. She loves to play with the other kits though and will often ask the elders for stories.
History: Clanborn, but with rogue blood from her mother's mother.
Family: Her mother is Blueshadow and her father is Darkfeather. Her sisters are Windkit and Sweetkit, and her brother is Rockkit.
Mother: Blueshadow

Minnowkit (2)

Mistkit (RPED by Jetfeather)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Shortish-medium-furred black she-cat with pale brown underside + pale whitish-grey eyes.
Personality: Mistkit's personality is best described as either hostilely kuudere, or aloofly tsundere. She lacks the ability to open up to others fully, and is a little passive-aggressive (almost to the point of being cunningly manipulative), vaguely paranoid and stern. She also lacks a proper sense of humour, apparently either taking nearly anything said by other cats seriously as she hasn't a care for their jokes and/or cajoling, or responding in an excessively dry/sarcastic way, and usually refuses to do anything she considers demeaning or at the price of humiliating herself. Mistkit is exceedingly good at making sarcastic comments and complaining, using this as a mask to cover a more empathetic and timid side, but after a two-moon disappearance, she's begun to drop her mask and work on creating a new one. She has an almost unnatural trust in Izaya, and is despairingly bad at showing her true emotions.
History: Clan-born
Family: Siblings: Ashphodelkit, Blazekit, Squirrelkit, Sandkit and Ravenkit
Mother: Yellowshade


Nightkit (RPED by MistWhisker)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: A silvery, small kitten.
Personality: A troublemaker - she's very outgoing, loud and happy. A little bit crazy.
History: In the last 2 moons that she's been in this world, she's tried to sneak out of camp at least 15 times, but has been caught by a warrior every time. Both her parents are dead and her two siblings locations and health status are unknown. She's always wanted to be a medicine cat.
Family: Parents: Deceased. Siblings: Cheetakit, Firekit


Oakpaw (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Dark brown tom with violet eyes
Personality: TBA
History: Clanborn
Family: Siblings: Thistlekit, Seakit, Cherrykit, Moosekit
Mother: Lavender


Owlkit (RPED by TwinkyDarkstreamEpic)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Black she-kit with yellow eyes.
Personality: Cheerful, agile, humble.
History: Unknown
Family: Foster mother: Cloudyfeather Brother: Ashkit
Mother: Cloudyfeather


Patchkit (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Patchkit is a white cat with a black spot around her eye. Has green eyes.
Personality: She is super protective of her brothers and outgoing. Is a lot like her mother.
History: Clanborn
Family: Fishleap is her father, and her brothers are Flowkit and Driftkit.
Mother: Rainheart


Pebblekit (RPED by EnderCursty)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: He looks exactly like her mother, Ivyflower, but is smaller.
Personality: Kind and warm. Really shy in front of strangers, but turns out to be funny, curious, and he is a optimist, too.
History: Was actually a kit of a loner, but Dawnkit have no idea about the truth. He always thought that Jayfeather is his father.
Family: Ivyflower(mother), Jayfeather (thought to be father).
Mother: Ivyflower


Ravenkit (RPED by Fuzzypelt)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Black colored tom, looks almost exactly like his father but with wider, darker amber-red eyes.
Personality: He is oddly afraid of almost everything he sees and sticks to his mother at all times. When she is not around he would stay in the nursery and will not come out. He is shy and is weaker than most by fear. But is quite fast and jumps very high. He is kind and thoughtful to everyone he talks to. He gives in to every arguement and battle he gets involved in.
History: Clanborn
Family: Siblings: Ashphodelkit, Mistkit, Squirrelkit, Blazekit and Sandkit
Mother: Yellowshade


Robinkit (RPED by .Cinderflight)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Black tabby tom with green eyes.
Personality: Wise, kind, and a bit arrogant. He is a bit of a show off and doesn't really like his sister because he doesn't like girls. He prefers to hang out with older toms because he is afraid of she-cats. When he is around a she-cat he gets nervous and can barely talk.
History: Clanborn
Family: Mother:Dappleforce, Father:Duststripe, Sister: Creamkit
Mother: Dappleforce


Rockkit (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Ginger and black tom with blue eyes.
Personality: He is very strong and tough, very hard-headed, and incredibly funny. He loves to play and hang out with his friends, which he makes easily. He is very protective over his sisters and he loves to please.
History: Clanborn, but with rogue blood from her mother's mother.
Family: His mother is Blueshadow and his father is Darkfeather. His sisters are Windkit, Minnowkit and Sweetkit.
Mother: Blueshadow

Rockkit (2)

Rosekit (RPED by KittenStyle)

Rank: kit
Appearance: Orange she-cat with dark green eyes
Personality: She is very curious and loves to mess around with toms.
History: Her name used to be Roseilyn until she found NightClan and asked the leader if she could join.
Family: Long-lost Brothers Shade and Breeze
Mother: N/A


Runokit (RPED by Rainsplash987)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: She's a blue-gray tabby with large green-blue eyes.
Personality: She is feisty and will do anything to get what she wants. She has a huge crush on Dankit but would never admit it.
History: Her parents were rogues, which is why she doesn't have a regular Clan name. However, she loves NightClan, and is as loyal as any cat.
Family: N/A
Mother: Unknown


Sandkit (RPED by Breezefeathers)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Sandy ginger tom with a lighter underside and green eyes, and a long fluffy tail.
Personality: He is insensitive to others feelings, and always speaks his mind, no matter what the consequences are. He is nosy and a hypocrite, and is rude to other kits, often teasing them harshly without reason. He is easily provoked and is usually very hostile.
History: Clanborn
Family: Siblings: Ashphodelkit, Mistkit, Blazekit, Squirrelkit, Ravenkit and Lizardkit (Half-brother)
Mother: Yellowshade


Shadekit (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Short-furred, jet-black tom with pale green eyes. He has small paws, a long tail, and fox-like ears. The fur around his neck is thicker than the rest of his pelt.
Personality: Shadekit is cheerful about almost everything and he can act unbearably nice sometimes. He doesn't like being alone and will most likely be upset for a while before someone shows up. He is very energetic most of the time, and he hates having to stay still. Shadekit always has to have something to do, and when he doesn't have anything, he's pestering another Clan cat. He can sometimes become confused if a cat gives him a long lecture over something, but he is mostly very bright and intelligent. He is almost never sad, and he loves being happy. He doesn't know what a kittypet is, so when others taunt him about his past, he just responds cheerily. He has a special bond with Fernshade, seeing her as an older sister, and he would be devastated if she died.
History: Shadekit was formerly a kittypet until he was thrown out for some unknown reason. He wandered around cheerily, thinking that his owners would go to find him, but they never did. So clueless little Shadekit wandered across a patrol of NightClan warriors and followed them (not to mention his being annoying to them as he followed) back to camp where he wanted to remain. He wouldn't leave, and some of the queens and a few warriors convinced Stormstar to let Shadekit stay with the Clan. So Shadekit wanted to stay in the warriors' den. One of the queens told him that wasn't how the Clan worked, but Shadekit refused to budge. Shadekit was allowed to stay in the warriors' den for two nights until his talking got the warriors to complain to Stormstar. Shadekit was moved to the nursery, despite his protests. Later, he got kidnapped by a rogue named Banjo, who threatened to kill him if he didn't cooperate. Fernshade came to rescue him, but she got attacked, and her wound looked fatal. He ran back to camp and got Thornpelt and Thistlestorm to help Fernshade.
Family: His mother is a kittypet, his father is a rogue. His siblings are kittypets.
Mother: Unknown kittypet.

Silverkit (RPED by Berrywing)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Silverkit is a silver she-cat with sage-green eyes and curly fur.
Personality: Silly and very sweet. She will get into trouble and will want her way at times.
History: She and her brother, Bonekit are the kits of Graystorm and Snowheart. Snowheart died in battle and Graystorm mourned heavily. Silverkit and Bonekit mourned for their mother too.
Family: Father: Graystorm, Mother: Snowheart (deceased), Brother: Bonekit
Mother: Snowheart


Snowykit (RPED by Foxstar241)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Snow white with a few black splotches
Personality: A little skittish around strangers, then eventually warms up to them. Does have a mean side to her.
History: Was born on the summer solstice (first day of summer). She had a kittypet mom, and a warrior dad. Her mom, Lighteyes stays with her. Her dad is deceased.
Family: Lighteyes (mom) Riverstripe (dad, deceased)
Mother: Lighteyes

Solkit (RPED by Brook Wolves)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: White tom with grey eyes
Personality: He is shy, clumsy, and not very bright, but he's very fun loving
History: Clanborn
Family: Siblings: Flykit, Thymepaw and Streamkit
Mother: Winxclaw (deceased)


Starlingkit (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Starlingkit is a small, lithe greyish tom with a white muzzle and chest. He has short, shiny fur that has nearly-black stripes slashing through it (mainly on his forelegs and back). His eyes are a clear, bright blue smudged with sea green. He has a long tail, which is always waving around, and his ears have white tufts on the tips.
Personality: Starlingkit is quiet and shy, and prefers to be by himself. He doesn't talk much, and is terrible at holding a conversation even if he wanted to. He loves to climb, and spends a lot of time in the trees. He has sharp hearing and sight, which he uses to his advantage in hunting. Starlingkit is terrified of water, and refuses to get anywhere near it, and snow drives him to stay in the nursery for as long as possible in snowy winters. He is afraid of becoming too close to cats because of his mother's depature.
History: Starlingkit was born to two Clan cats, a she-cat named Rivertail and a tom named Sparrowfur. Rivertail named the newborn kit after his father, so the two share the name of a bird. Starlingkit showed an interest in high places as soon as he could walk, often climbing up onto a random queen's flank to try and reach the nursery's ceiling. When he was two moons old, his mother went off on a walk but never returned. Confused, Starlingkit asked his father what had happened, and Sparrowfur had only turned away. When his father visited him, he always asked the same question. Sparrowcfur had snapped at Starlingkit that Rivertail was gone and never coming back before storming away. He never visited Starlingkit again after that. So Starlingkit, now an orphan, slowly drifted into his shy and quiet ways.
Family: Rivertail (mother, deceased), Sparrowfur (father, alive)
Mother: Rivertail


Streamkit (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Bluegrey she-cat with a silver stripe running down her neck, back, and tail. She has blue eyes
Personality: Sweet, calm, and extremely shy
History: Clanborn
Family: Siblings: Solkit, Flykit, Thymekit
Mother: Winxclaw (deceased)


Strikekit (RPED by Fuzzypelt)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Orange she-kit with brown stripes and one white paw.
Personality: Strikekit is adventurous, short-tempered, nice, and brave. She is very protective to the ones she loves.
History: Clan-born
Family: Father is BRVR, siblings are Shadowkit, Pantherkit, and Stoatkit.
Mother: Spottedfire


Swallowkit (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Black she-cat with an orange face and chest and white belly and lower portion of her tail. Her legs and paws are a dark greyish brown, and she has dark green eyes.
Personality: Confident when it comes to most things, though she is very paranoid when it comes to actual fighting and gets scared by the slightest twitch in a battle. Other then that she is definetly confident and determined, yet cheerful and quite open as well, Swallowkit likes to meet new cats and is very ready for new experiences. She is very optimistic and always looks for the good side of people, but can be too trusting. Though quite happy, if betrayed or harshly talked to, she can get quite snappy and become a smart aleck.
History: Unknown; Swallowkit was found wandering around NightClan territory, and claimed to have been adventuring, and that her mom was coming for her. When her mom never came, they took her in. Although she tried to leave a few times, saying her mom needed her, she is now happy in NightClan and blends well with most of her clanmates.
Family: Unknown
Mother: Unknown


Sweetkit (RPED by Mistybrook)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes and a bushy tail.
Personality: She is rarely annoying, but she is very good at getting gossip and spreading rumors.
History: Clanborn, but with rogue blood from her mother's mother.
Family: Her mother is Blueshadow and her father is Darkfeather. Her sisters are Minnowkit and Windkit, and her brother is Rockkit.
Mother: Blueshadow


Sunkit (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Ginger tom with black flecks and blue eyes.
Personality: Sunkit's an optimist, always looking for the good in cats. He hates being contained and loves his freedom, but sometimes gets carried away with what he would do for freedom. Sunkit is extremely fun, always making up joyful games. He's funny and loud, thus being quiet is a sign you've upset him. Sunkit's fairly smart, and a horrible liar.
History: Clanborn.
Family: Siblings in his litter are Flarekit, Ferretkit, and Screechkit.
Mother: Winxclaw


Swiftkit (RPED by AzureAzulCrash)

Rank: Unborn Kit
Appearance: Lithe, silver tabby tom with blue eyes.
Personality: Swiftkit is shy to most cats, but when he gets to know you, he is very kind, making him slightly tsundere.
History: Swiftkit is Clan-born.
Family: Mother: Sepia, Father: Unknown
Mother: Sepia

Swiftkit Azure

Thymekit (RPED by Winxclubfan1)

Rank: kit
Appearance: Brown, white, ginger, black and grey tom with dark amber eyes
Personality: Fierce yet funny
History: Clanborn
Family: Siblings: Flykit, Solkit and Streamkit
Mother: Winxclaw (deceased)


Tigerkit (RPED by Cynderheart)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: unusually stripped tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Personality: Kind and sweet but can be loyal to her clan and a liitle bit to caring to cats from other clans and it get's her introuble sometimes.
History: Half-Clan cat, Daughter of Goldentail from Silverclan and a Nightclan Warrior.
Family: Lionkit-(Sister), Goldentail-(Father, Silverclan warrior)
Mother: {{{8}}}


Willowkit (RPED by Willowburn)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Brown and white tom with blue and green eyes.
Personality: Willowkit is fun and energetic when he's out in the clearing. He doesn't like fighting or arguing and strives to be a Medicine Cat someday. When he sees the Medicine Cat he starts to daydream, and he likes to bother the Deputy and Leader.. A LOT!
History: Mother died after he was born and his brother never made it through birth.
Family: Mother: deceased; brother: deceased
Mother: N/A


Windkit (RPED by Mistybrook)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Black she-cat with a gray muzzle, paws, and tail with long whiskers, amber eyes, and very sharp teeth.
Personality: She is sweet and kind, but annoying and she makes the most out of everything.
History: Clanborn, but with rogue blood from her mother's mother.
Family: Her mother is Blueshadow and her father is Darkfeather. Her sisters are Minnowkit and Sweetkit, and her brother is Rockkit.
Mother: Blueshadow



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