Brookwhisper (RPED by Rainsplash987)

Rank: Medicine Cat
Appearance: Brookwhisper is a slender brown-and-white tortie she-cat, blue eyes, small paws, long, slender tail.
Personality: Brookwhisper is very sweet and gentle when needed, but can be a real chatterbox. She loves being a medicine cat, even though her mother would rather her be a warrior. Brookwhisper is pretty popular among the apprentices because of her bouncy personality, but even the best of her friends can get annoyed when she gets too chatty. Which is a lot.
History: Brookwhisper was born outside of NightClan to two loners. She never knew her father, but her mother now lives in NightClan with her. Brookwghisper didn't really have a hard time adjusting to Clan life, as she was brought to the Clan as a tiny kit. As a kit, she always admired Beechfur and how she helped cats, and wanted to be as helpful as she was.
Family: Loners.
Apprentices: (current apprentices:)Splashwing, Sandfeather


Formerly roleplayed by Nighty