Brokensoul (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior
Appearance: Dark orange she-cat with light red spots and marble green eyes.
Personality: She is sadistic and mentally insane. With mood swings, and urges to kill. However, despite her may mental illnesses, she is very intelligent and tactful, allowing her to be a successful killer.
History: When Spottedfire was born,Brokensoul was born with her. Trapped in Spottedfire's mind,she began to mess with it,tempting Spottedfire to the dark side. When Spottedfire mated with BRVR,she met his alternate personality,Dyingspirit. When Spottedfire took a desperate trip to the Star Pool,and was cleansed by Star Clan,resulting in her death,Brokensoul became her own entity,not just some parasite. She soon became enemies with Loudclaw and NightClan in general. Soon,she had killed a large population of NightClan with Dyingspirit,and was beginning to set her sights on Stormstar. After killing Cloudeye by the stream,Loudclaw discovered her,and they had a fight,resulting in both of their deaths. When her soul went to The Fork in the Afterlife,she attempted to enter StarClan,but was forcefully pushed into the Dark Forest. There she met Blackfur, and began plotting with him.
Family: None
Death: Killed by Loudclaw


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