Brightpaw (RPED by Berryfoot)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Brightpaw is a small, skinny, lithe black she-cat with amber eyes, long fur, and soft paws.
Personality: Brightpaw is very quiet, shy, and reserved. The only cats she isn't shy with is her family. However, if Brightpaw gets to know you well, she can be very talkative with you.
History: Brightpaw is currently an apprentice. She was born in NightClan, like a regular Clan cat, with the name of Brightkit. She had two littermates, Icekit and Hawkkit (Brightkit was very close with Hawkkit, and still is, though training makes them not see each other very often). She received Bramblestripe as a mentor.
Family: Brightpaw has two sisters named Icepaw and Hawkpaw, a mother called Sandheart, and a father called Swiftfoot. The rest of her family (aunts, cousins, etc.) are unknown.
Mentor: N/A


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