Breezepaw (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Small black tom with short, sleek fur and small paws. His tail is stubby and looks more like a ball of fluff than a tail. He has blue eyes.
Personality: Breezepaw loves rain, unlike a lot of cats. Probably because he was born in the rain. He is afraid of everything; even his own shadow. He's timid and quiet, and his voice is very soft. He is often forgotten by others because of this. He doesn't like when cats ignore him, but is too timid to speak up. When they notice him, the first thing that they say is that his tail is "deformed". Breezepaw often feels lonely, but is too timid to find someone to talk to. When he does something, like bring a piece of prey over to another cat, the cat often freaks out and thinks there's a ghost there.
History: He was born in the Clan while it was raining. His mother considered Rainkit as his name, but she eventually decided on Breezekit. When his mother left to become a kittypet, he was left with the other queens. Because of this, he became quiet and shy, and cats ignored him. When he was apprenticed, he'd hoped more cats would begin to notice him. They did during his ceremony, then their attention just kinda faded. When Shadekit arrived in the Clan, Breezepaw wondered if the kit was his younger brother. But, of course, he's too shy to ask.
Family: Shard (father, rogue; status unknown), Lightstorm (mother, former warrior; alive, kittypet)
Mentor: (someone put a warrior here)


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