Blazeleap (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Blazeleap is a ginger she-cat with bright, leafy green eyes. She's lithe, and surprisingly quick. Blazeleap has darker rings around her tail, and her chest is white and fluffy. She has a torn ear on her right side, and a barely visible scar on her cheek.
Personality: Blazeleap is a loud, chatty cat. She's creative and likes to think outside the box, and she likes to lead, but isn't great at it, as she's forgetful and a bit clumsy. She always yearns new friends, but treasures the ones she has. Blazeleap can be a little really dramatic. She's zany and somewhat funny, but when annoyed she retreats into a blanket of sarcastic remarks, lashing out at anyone. She's energetic and rarely tires, sometimes without sleep for days on end, but this takes a great toll on her.
History: Blazeleap was clan-born, something she takes great pride in. She and her two siblings(need to make) were born during a Quest, so she doesn't have great relationships with all the cats. Her parents are in the Clan, but concealed so she doesn't know, as they didn't want kits. This frustrates her greatly, and she often takes walks into the territory.
Family: Her parents are unknown to her, and she has two brothers, Sparrowfeather and Nightstorm.
Apprentices: none


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