Birchkit (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: A handsome snowy white tom with a grey face along with sapphire blue eyes and grey paws, being much like grey fuzzy boots. Twolegs would call him a blue colorpoint. His fur is unusually long for a kit, and it is extremely soft.
Personality: Birchkit is a very friendly kit, always open to making new friends and talking to any cat, regardless of their loyalties. He is a naturally adventurous cat, loving the thrill of something new, just like his parents. Birchkit is the outgoing kit of his family, but that doesn't stop him from loving to have fun with his siblings, always up for a game of mossball or a race around the camp. Although he wouldn't be defined as silly, sometimes Birchkit doesn't understand when he needs to be serious, sometimes even going as far to deny something serious is happening so he just can keep having fun. As said before, sometimes he can be a tad selfish, firmly believing no matter what is happening, you must finish your game, and to his annoyance, many kits do stop when told to.
History: He is a Clanborn cat through and through, both of his parents being in NightClan for generations. Birchkit also had a normal birth. Every kit survived, Birchkit the second-born of the three.
Family: Father: Moonheart
Sister: Featherkit
Brother: Jaykit
Aunt: Berrypaw
Mother: Dawnbird


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