Berrywing (RPED by Berrywing)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Cream colored with blue eyes white flecks on her flank and scars on her ears and one scar on her nose. Has short but sharp claws. Is sleek and has huge ears.
Personality: Brave, proud, and loving but when making a mistake she freaks out. She loves fish and mice. She can be a little rough but not often. She is friendly and she will be calm sometimes. If there is a death, she will go in grief unless it's the enemy. She isn't the "hero" nor the "pretty cat everyone must love".
History: Born to Lightstorm. She was named after her great-grandfather Berryleap. Her aunt Dreamheart left the Clan and became a loner and changed her name to Dream. Her sister Slashpaw got sick and died. Berrykit became Berrypaw and was very proud. Her mentor was her father, Daggerfang. She fell in love with a black tom named Shadowpaw who was only a moon older. Shadowpaw got his warrior name,Shadowpelt. Berrypaw later got her warrior name, Berrywing. Berrywing thought she should have been Larkwing but learned to get used to the "Berry" part of her name. Shadowpelt fell in love with Berrywing and later became mates. Berrywing delivered Shadowpelt's kits. The kits were Ferretkit a brown she-kit with a black chest and amber eyes, Flamekit a orange she-kit with amber eyes, Wolfkit a gray tom with dull blue eyes. They thought the kits were normal. But Wolfkit had a problem. She saw Dream one day and we went to talk to her. Since Berrywing never saw her she said that she had beautiful fur when suddenly Wolfkit said, "She looks gray like everyone else". She was surprised. Dream was a cream she-cat with brown paws. Berrywing asked if Wolfkit was joking and he wasn't. I asked the medicine cat was wrong and she said he was color-blind. She was sad for Wolfkit; he would never see the beauty of color. Lightstorm was suddenly dead for an unknown reason. She was found in camp with no sign of a cat or a sickness. Berrywing was in grief. Shadowpelt comforted her. Her kits became apprentices Ferretpaw, Flamepaw, and Wolfpaw. They were warrior apprentices and they trained hard and she told Shadowpelt that they got it from him. They got their warrior names after a battle. They saved five kits from being stolen. Ferretpaw became Ferretheart, Flamepaw became Flamepelt,and Wolfpaw became Wolfpelt. Wolfpelt thought the only not-boring name was Ferretheart. Flamepelt cheered Wolfpelt up. In a battle with another clan Shadowpelt died by a huge brown tom ripping out his neck. She was in such grief the medicine cat had to help.
Family: Mother: Lightstorm. (deceased) Father: Daggerfang. Sister: Slashpaw(deceased). Son: Wolfpelt. Daughters: Flamepelt and Ferretheart. Mate: Shadowpelt(deceased).
Apprentices: None yet.


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