Berrypaw (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Berrypaw is a beautiful she-cat with a sleek white fur coat with brown patches, including (almost) black stripes. Her eyes are a cyan type color. Her legs are rather long, excellent for running far distances. Also, her ears are straight in some kind of bat shape.
Personality: Berrypaw is a rather protective, optimistic and cheerful she-cat who enjoys running, but also sleeping. She is very picky when it comes to food and enjoys a white furred mouse than a brown one, because they're a 'terrible taste'. Swimming is one of her favorite activities which is quite unusual as her family hates water. Furthermore, Berrypaw loves to hunt with her half-brother Moonheart, who happens to be her mentor too.
History: Clanborn, her mother died when she was born and never knew her father too. Raised by her half-brother and mentor Moonheart, she grew up to be a lively and carefree she-cat. She was once kidnapped by Pandora, daughter of Star, who was an infamous cat who tried to take over NightClan, but quickly killed by Berrypaw's sibling Moonheart. Pandora ruled it out as a threat to everyone in NightClan that she would avenge her mother's death. Now safe, she is kept inside the camp and is only allowed out with a grown up cat.
Family: Berrypaw's half-brother is Moonheart, her nephews are Birchkit and Jaykit, and her niece is Featherkit.
Mentor: Moonheart


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