Bay (RPED by Wetstream)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Is skinny from lack of nourishment and has long, lanky legs. He has a bright ginger tabby pelt and clear, blue eyes.
Personality: He seems friendly at first, but can be incredibly sarcastic and persuasive. He holds back his true feelings at times, and doesn't have trouble keeping his anger under wraps. He tries to experiment with cats, wondering what makes them tick and put them on the brink. This proves Bay to be a very curious tom, which causes him to have his own plans, even if they seem vulgar. However, on occasions he shows his true personality alone, never near others.
History: He was born near a river to an emotionally abusive family that neglected the poor kit. He had siblings but soon forgot about them after he willingly left his family after a brutal rainstorm. He wandered the forests as just a young cat, this caused him to grow curious of his surroundings. He ran into cats, cats who attacked and sent him racing away. However, due to his inquisitive nature, he hungered to understand what made these cats do this. He would spend days without sleep stalking and watching Clans and rogues around him, learning their ways and how they differed from his. Bay grew restless, thirsty for more, and began to creep along the borders of NightClan. His intentions for why are unclear.Has an extreme fear of rain; fears they'll bring floods due to a kit-hood incident.
Family: Unknown


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