Barry (RPED by Tanglefrost)

Rank: Loner/Kittypet
Appearance: Barry is a neatly kept smoky grey short-haired tom with yellow eyes. He has an abnormally short tail.
Personality: Barry is almost always cheerful and very optimistic, to the point of being very annoying. He is a peacemaker, always doing the right thing, never causing any fights. When in a hostile situation, he will always remain calm and usually try to talk his way out of it. Barry is very friendly and has never met a cat he didn't like. He tends to talk in a cockney British accent, chopping the t and h off of words, which most find very annoying.Despite prefering to stay away from fighting situations, Barry is a very skilled fighter and will fight when he is forced to.
History: Barry has a very dark past that he doesn't like to talk about. When he was young, he stayed with a certain group of rogues, who were at war with another more vicious group. One night, the other group attacked, and most of Barry's friends and family were killed. From then on, he vowed never to be in another fight.He was forced to make a long jounrey after this fight, to make sure he was well away from the rogue group in case they came back. Since then, he has spent the remainder of his days wandering in and out of twoleg houses, and wandering around the forest and NightClan territory.
Family: All deceased. They were killed in the battle.


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