Banjo (RPED by Tanglefrost)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: He's a short-haired black tom with piercing blue eyes.
Personality: He is mean and nasty at heart, but deceives she-cats with his charm. He is very fierce and defensive and a strong fighter. He will not stop fighting until he has injured or killed the cat, or until he is driven away. He secretly hungers for NightClan's territory. Banjo has a very short temper, and is prone to rather violent and vicious outbursts. He has very few friends, but makes various alliances. Secretly, Banjo cares for his kits and wishes them to have the best life possible. He believes that turning them in to Clan cats will weaken them, which is why he keeps trying to "steal" them back.
History: He used to be mates with Lavender. He has no interest in weak cats whatsoever, and has disowned his son, Seakit, due to his "deformity". He knows Thornpelt, as he was friends with him when he was exiled. Banjo has also tried many times to get his kits back. He once kidnapped Ivykit, and even managed to grab all five of his kits before being stopped at the camp entrance. Recently, in another effort to get them back, he has kidnapped Shadekit. He is using Shadekit as a bargaining tool, and intends to give the kit back, but only in exchange for his kits.
Family: Mate: Lavender (formerly), Daughters: Cherrykit, Moosepaw. Sons: Thistlepaw, Seapaw, Oakkit


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