Badgerfur (RPED by Tanglefrost)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Badgerfur is a black and white striped tom, similar to a badger, hence his name. His tail is completely white, and he has lighter, smoky gray markings on the top of his head. He has amber eyes.
Personality: Badgerfur can best be described as happy-go-lucky. He is extremely cheerful and optimistic to the point of being annoying. He is also quite magnanimous. He is a pacifist and because of that never lets his angry side show. If he does get angry at a cat, he will usually respond by removing himself from the situation or just ignoring them completely. Badgerfur is full of energy, which causes many to mistakenly identify him as being immature. In fact, Badgerfur is quite the opposite. He knows when to tone down his energetic side. Badgerfur has a general disdain for rudeness and usually ignores others when they are rude. Because of his cheerfulness, Badgerfur maintains friendliness with every cat he meets, even loners and rogues. He frequently engages in conversations with them, despite numerous warnings not to. Badgerfur also tends to ramble on when he enters conversations, but he is very aware of this fact and is rather embarrassed about it.
History: Badgerfur was Clan-born. As an apprentice he was mentored by Stormstar, and still maintains a very close relationship with her to this day. He unfortunately lost his parents at a young age due to greencough, and after he himself battled greencough later on, he has now become extremely paranoid and makes frequent visits to the Medicine Den when he develops coughing. Badgerfur is now heading towards being a senior Warrior, but still maintains characteristics he had as an apprentice.
Family: Mother and Father died to greencough. Unknown siblings.
Apprentices: N/A


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