Azure (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: Azure is a black and white cat with sleek fur and azure blue eyes, which is where he gets his name from. He has soft paws like his brothers. Quite tall, he is notably handsome with his long legs which can make him run far distances.
Personality: Adventurous, fierce, active, caring.
History: Born a kittypet, Azure and his littermate Aster were tough little kitties when they were young. Their owner has had them since they were born, who happens to be an elderly woman living at a farm. There's no animals there anymore, just her and the three toms. Her husband died years ago and she had to sell all the livestock. Happy with his life, he enjoys running and playing around with his brothers, Marvel and Aster.
Family: Marvel, Aster


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