Aya (RPED by Loudclaw)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Dark gray, near black she-cat with a long tail .She has very dark blue eyes, with large ears. The only added markings on her pelt are a few darker stripes, making her a tabby.
Personality: Unlike her very dark appearance, she's actually a very kind cat. In keeping with her appearance, though, she's a bit shy, but will easily get over that over time. Being as young as she is (about 10 moons) she's a bit naive, but she enjoys the night... She's also perfectly willing to fight for herself, if she needs to.
History: She was born and named in hoping she'd have a colorful spirit, not a dark one like her pelt was. Simply put, she and the rest of her littermates left at 5 moons, as was the custom in her family. Ever since, she's been living alone.
Family: Both parents are loners, her sister is a loner, and her brother is a rogue.

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