Auyotha (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Auyotha is a short-furred white tom with a black splotch spreading over his head, shoulders, and back. He has one amber eye. He looks somewhat younger than he really is.
Personality: Auyotha is very friendly and talkative, and he likes being around others. To him, the feelings of others are more important than the truth, unless the cats involved are extremely hostile. He gets nervous when someone approaches him from his blind side, and asks them to move into sight. He is mature, well-mannered, and polite, always respecting others even if they seem to dislike him. Some cats call him Auyo. He often gives others nicknames, which can range from the first part of their name (if they're a Clan cat) to something based off their personality.
History: Auyotha was Clanborn, originally named Stonekit. His father, Greyfur, left NightClan, taking his only son with him despite Auyotha's mother's pleas. Greyfur's other mate at the time, a rogue, changed Stonekit's name to Auyotha. When Auyotha was six moons old, Greyfur abadoned him at a Twoleg nest, hoping the people there would take care of the young tom. When the kit's eye was clawed out by a hostile kittypet, Auyotha disobeyed his father's orders to stay there and wandered through the forest for a while, trying to ignore the pain in his eye. His mother, Ivywhisker, had been searching for him at the same time, and she was overjoyed to see him alive, but horrified to see that he was missing an eye. She brought him back to the Clan and requested that she mentor him. Just as Stormstar was about to give him his apprentice name, Auyotha asked to keep his loner name. Through his time as an apprentice, Auyotha made quite a few friends, as he is very social and friendly.
Family: Greyfur/Grey (father, alive), Ivywhisker (mother, deceased), Fawn (foster mother, alive)
Apprentices: N/A


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