Asphodelkit (RPED by Shadowed Crystal)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Sandy ginger tom with a light underside and green eyes.
Personality: At first glance, he is noted to be obnoxious, pushy, cynic, close-minded, bullheaded, and selfish, usually chasing after she-cats just for his own entertainment. However, although childish and immature, Asphodelkit is protective of his family, although he dislikes things not going his way. He tries to be perfect, but he's insecure of his own flaws and doubts himself for it. He has no faith in others, and is quite bossy. He is also very witty, brave, and surprisingly, one of the smartest cats in the litter. Close to his only remaining mother, he is willing to find whoever killed his father, and avenge his death. With some trust issues with his family, Asphodelkit hides his self-loathing and insecurity beneath his mask of stubborn confidence and will. Asphodelkit usually likes to flirt with she-cats, but he'll check out a tom every once in a while. He tends to not believe in StarClan, and think that there's only evil out there in the world. He is terrified of heights.
History: Clan-born
Family: Siblings: Mistkit, Blazekit, Squirrelkit, Sandkit and Ravenkit
Mother: Yellowshade


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