Aotearoa (RPED by Jetfeather)

Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: Curly-haired white-furred tom with two larger curls on either side of his head, jade green eyes and a red collar with a bell hanging off it.
Personality: Mostly cheerful, has a reasonably good relationship with everyone, but when extremely aggraviated, annoyed or depressed can change drastically.
History: He belongs to a monomanic person who likes chemical explosions and geography/random words noone can really understand. He has a bunch of tiny sheep that seem to go everywhere with him that his owner accidentally mutated, and gave to him to see what would happen. Aotearoa disliked going into the forest, because he often loses his sheep in there, but after some persuading from Russia and Noru, he is beginning to enjoy going there, to the annoyance of some NightClan cats.
Family: Guardian/Foster father: England


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