Amberwing (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Amberwing is a sorrel ticked tabby with big, green eyes, like her brother. She's slightly small, but that is barely noticeable. She has a long tail with a white tip, and a white stomach.
Personality: Amberwing is a fiesty, loud cat. She's protective of her friends and family, and she's tough to make friends with as you need to be able to stand her constant arguing and protective nature. But if you can but up with that, she's a sweet, funny cat. She's loyal to her friends and always remembers her enemies. Amberwing will hold a grudge, and never forgets something you to her friends or little brother, who she is especially fond of. If you get in a fight with her, it will likely go on for a while as she is stubborn and refuses to admit defeat, no matter how wrong she knows she is. However, she usually fights for the right thing, and is a good cat to have on your side.
History: Amberwing was born to Willowsong and Thunderwhisker. Her mother was a sickly, coughing mess, although she was beautiful. Thunderwhisker, her father, was a selfish and arrogant cat, but he was a great hunter and fighter. Even if Willowsong was useless, Thunderwhisker saw her for her beauty only. They had two litters of kits, and Amberwing was born in the first, with her brother, Cloudpaw. Cloudpaw was a cocky, arrogant Tom, much like his father who died as an apprentice thinking he could take on a fox. Amberwing never really got over that, but never mentions it. Willowsong was also heartbroken, but she was used to getting everything she wanted, and she wanted perfect kits. Amberwing did not fit that description, and even though she was very sick, she still had another litter of kits. Thunderwhisker was getting tired of being cooped up in the nursery, listening to Willowsong's whining, and he became reckless. He died before the kits were born, and Amberwing, merely an apprentice then, went into a state of despair. Her father and her brother, the only cats who had ever truly loved her, gone. Her mother died kitting Mousepelt, her younger brother, who was the only surviving kit. Amberwing, still an apprentice, protected him and taught him. But no matter how tough she may appear, she still yearns for a cat to love her.
Family: Deceased mother, Willowsong, deceased father, Thunderwhisker, deceased brother, Cloudpaw, brother, Mousepelt.
Apprentices: N/A


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