Amber Sky (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: She is a pale golden-brown she-cat with bright amber eyes. She has short fur and a long tail. Lighter tufts of fur on her eartips. She has a lithe build, slender legs, and small paws. Her movements are considered 'graceful' by some.
Personality: Amber is a snappish, arrogant cat with almost no patience whatsoever. Despite this, she acts kinder toward kits. If a cat becomes her enemy, they're her enemy forever, no apologies accepted (sorry not sorry). If a cat decides to become her friend, she's loyal to them with no questions asked. She treats Banjo like a brother. Amber can seem cold and unforgiving at first sight, but deep inside her frozen, twisted soul she's actually a good cat. She hates the Clan and all cats from it, and acts extremely hostile toward them, unless they're a kit. She believes that all kits (and some apprentices) are innocent, no matter what others say.
History: Amber Sky was born with her brothers, Dark Spots and Silver Ripple, to two rogues. Their parents taught them everything they had to know before, as the tradition goes, leaving them to fend on their own at ten moons old. The three siblings stayed together for a long time, never once leaving each other's side. They lived in many places as they travelled, and eventually stopped at NightClan territory, deciding that it was perfect. They hadn't known about the Clan until a patrol tried to chase them out. During this, Dark Spots slipped into the Stream. He hadn't been taught to swim, and he drowned despite the Clan cats' and Amber's attempts to rescue him. Silver Ripple had tried to save him, but he failed and drowned as well. Amber attacked the Clan cats and retreated shortly after, and is plotting revenge on the Clan. She is part of Banjo's plan to get his kits back.
Family: Dark Spots, Silver Ripple (brothers, both deceased); Fox Leap (mother, unknown); Cloudy Sky (father, unknown)

Amber sky

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