Akari (RPED by Tanglefrost)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Akari is a mostly grey she-cat with a few white patches here and there. She has long paws, amber eyes and various battle scars.
Personality: Akari is very blunt, sarcastic and to the point. She voices her opinion and doesn't care if someone is offended by it. She hates losing and, if another cat argues with her, she will turn it in to a debate until she wins. Akari is stubborn and always believes that she is right, no matter what evidence there is to prove otherwise. She is an extremely viscious fighter and gets really angry when provoked. She only cares about herself, and believes in survival of the fittest. Akari doesn't care about Clan boundaries/Clan rules (she thinks they are ridiculous), so she is often found in Clan territory and will often take a mouse or two. Akari is annoyed very easily and is usually very threatening when she is annoyed (for example, threatening to harm others). She doesn't have any friends (or rather, anyone she counts as a friend), but has a few acquaintances. She doesn't take orders from anyone and gets angry at those who try to order her around. She likes to have things her own way and usually gets them her way through her stubbornness.
History: Akari has killed a few cats due to her viscious nature. She was born in to a rogue family but separated from them at a young age. Because of this, she had to learn to hunt and defended herself from others. She has only had herself to look after for a long time. This is why she usually only cares about herself. Akari has travelled frequently; she never stays in one place for long, as she does not not like to draw attention to herself.
Family: Unknown rogues


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